Microsoft SkyDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive Version 17.0.4035 Free

Known as the Microsoft Dropbox, with actually a few tricks of its own

Ever met that jealous kid in class? That same one who always had to have what all the other kids had? That same one who always had to do what all the other kids were doing? Well, that's Windows Live SkyDrive for you. Microsoft couldn’t just sit idly by and watch other vendors go public with their services. Not with such a neat name up their sleeves.
SkyDrive is Microsoft's free online storage service. You can store any type of file on SkyDrive and access it from any device you use. With SkyDrive's desktop application you can also make sure that the files and information on all of your devices are automatically synchronized. It offers up to 5GB of free storage space.
In order to use SkyDrive you'll need a Microsoft Live ID account and each folder you share will require the people you share it with to access it with their own Windows Live ID account and password.
Within SkyDrive you can create folders, rename them, edit them, and delete them. Each folder can be set as private, shared, or public which means that you can grant access to different users as you deem fit and according to your needs.
Users come first